Investments and Business Partnership

At GREAT LAKES GLOBAL METAL AGENCIES, we believe business partnerships and welcome investors to partern with us. Our mining scales cut-through East Africa, DR Congo and South-Sudan. Currently we have about 1,500 Square Kilometers of Gold, Copper, TIN, ready mineral exploration sites in South-Sudan and need investors to take opportunities.

Why GLG in South-Sudan?

South Sudan is incredibly rich in natural resources, with promising mineral deposits of gold, uranium, copper, manganese, marble, rare earth, and gemstones

  • We have ready mining license secured with the government of South-Sudan and ready sites.
  • South Sudan is one of the world’s last untouched areas; over 90% of the country has not been explored for minerals in over 50 years
  • The mineral wealth of South Sudan has yet to be harnessed, with the exception of artisanal gold mining
  • South Sudan ratified a business-friendly mining bill in 2014 that reopens licenses for foreign firms
  • After independence in July 2011, most existing mining concessions are on hold or have expired – opening up opportunities for new investors
  • South Sudan is no longer subject to U.S. Sudanese Sanctions Regulations

Why work with us?

  • We provide you with Information about the different mining areas in East Africa, DR Congo and South-Sudan
  • Provide Administrative process to invest in the sector through partnership with GLG
  • Negotiating with the Government for a tax reduction (as far as mineral is concern)
  • Supplying mineral and negotiating price of other potential providers
  • Locating potential surfaces area for housing construction
  • Contracting companies in the mineral extracting and housing construction
  • Recruiting man power
  • Guarantee a business security


About Us

GREAT LAKES GLOBAL METAL AGENCIES Is a legally registered indigenous mineral exploration agency and business investment company with proven track record in all areas of mineral resource development including acquisition of mineral exploration permits, commissioning all aspects of operations, mine reclamation and closure. Readmore...

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